Improve Your Entire Appearance with Porcelain Veneers

If you’re displeased with the current appearance of your teeth, you should know that veneers may be a perfect solution for your problem. Whether your goal is a cosmetic improvement or you just want to take a protective measure, veneers allow to you adjust or remodel the shape of your teeth, so that you can finally have the smile you always wanted.

A thin layer of ceramic, a veneer is placed over the tooth, thus shielding your tooth’s existing structure. By choosing veneers for your teeth, you can solve many unpleasant issues, such as a natural malposition of teeth, crooked teeth, stubborn stains that won’t go away, unappealing spaces between teeth and, as you can imagine, the list continues. No more than 3 dentist appointments are required in order for you to get your new veneers.

Step 1:

The first appointment will serve as an occasion to discuss the details of the procedure and establish an ultimate goal: the final look and shape of your teeth. We will preparation of your teeth, a pain-free process so that your teeth will be up and ready for the veneer placement.

Step 2:

We will make an imitation of your teeth.  These impressions go to our laboratory that fabricates the actual veneers. While on this subject, you can rest assured that we only use the best products on the market and that our laboratory standards are of the upper most quality. Our work in the laboratory will never exceed 2 weeks, but even during this short period of time, while you wait for your new veneers, we can offer you a temporary replacement.

Step 3:

Application. As the entire process reaches an end, our specialists will do their best to make sure your new veneers will be so comfortable that you won’t even feel a before and after difference.

This, of course, refers only to the sensation and not the look. Because our most important goal is to make that perfect smile of yours shine.