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Aesthetic or Cosmetic Braces

swimmersIf you are considering braces, but aren’t too thrilled with “the look" of having braces, there is a newer option in the orthodontics world that you may not have heard about. Aesthetic braces were created with transparency in mind and are a great option for older teens or adults.

Aesthetic braces are the same size and shape as metal braces, but are made out of a clear glass-like material that blends in with the teeth and isn't as noticeable. You will still have arch wires and rubber bands around the brackets, but the wires can be frosted to blend in and the rubber bands can be clear. Aesthetic braces help hide that you are wearing braces, but move the teeth at the same speed and work the same way as traditional metal braces. They are a great option for people that aren't candidates for Invisalign, but would prefer something that doesn’t show as much as metal braces.

If you are interested in aesthetic braces or any type of orthodontics, please call our Upper West Side location at 212-799-7700 for an appointment today!


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