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Remember Your Heart Health This Valentine’s Day

heart with stethoscopeHeart disease has been the leading cause of death in the U.S. since 1921. It is estimated that nearly 1.24 million people suffered a new or recurrent heart attack in 2014. You may be unaware, but there is a direct correlation between heart health and oral health.

Researchers continue to find associations between periodontal (gum) disease and heart disease. People with periodontal disease and heart disease also share common risk factors such as smoking and obesity. Ongoing studies are attempting to answer questions to determine whether or not heart disease risk goes down with periodontal disease treatment. Researchers are also trying to determine if bacteria and inflammation in the gum tissues as a result of periodontal disease contribute to the clogging of arteries and lead to coronary artery disease.

And if you need a little more convincing to make sure your oral health is in tip-top shape, additional studies have pointed out a relationship between periodontal disease and stroke. In one study that looked at the relationship of oral infection as a risk factor for stroke, people diagnosed with acute ischemic stroke were found more likely to have an oral infection when compared to those without.

So for the sake of your heart, practice good dental hygiene habits like brushing and flossing twice daily and eating healthy foods free of sugars and starches. Also, vow to never use tobacco products. Finally, make time for regular dental check-ups at Dental365. It is a vital aspect of maintaining good oral health. Like most diseases, periodontal disease is much easier to treat and control if discovered early.

Based on what your dentist sees in your mouth, he or she may also suggest you see your physician to evaluate you for health problems including cardiovascular disease.


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