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Trios Color Scanner

trios color scannerGreat news! Dental365 is moving away from traditional impression techniques and embracing future digital technologies. We are proud to announce that our Lynbrook location is now a digital scanning site using 3shapes Trios Color Scanner, soon to be followed by the remainder of our practices.

What does this mean for you as a patient?

You will be glad to know that impression material will not need to be used anymore in your mouth. You know the gooey stuff that makes people gag and tastes horrible? On top of that, appointment times will be shorter, and your lab case turn around time will be quicker. Those are the immediate differences you will notice with the digital scanner.

Some other subtle differences:

  • Improvement in the shade and color of your crown/ veneer/ inlay/onlay
  • Better accuracy and fit of prosthesis
  • Less adjustment upon delivery due to more accurate bite function of Trios Color Scanners

With our Trios Color Scanner we can also take HD images that will sometimes help our doctors diagnose fractures within teeth that cannot be seen under regular magnification and also show you, the patient, what the dentist sees in the mouth.

The Trios Color Scanner will make your dental visit shorter, more pleasant and comfortable, while at the same time improving our already high standard of care for you, our patients. This is just one of the many amenities Dental365 has to give our patients the most comfortable dental experience possible. Give us a call today at 844-365-DENTAL to reach the location nearest you and schedule an appointment.


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