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Dental365 is Going Digital

dental365 is going digital intraoral scannersAs in most other areas of our lives, dentistry is going “digital.” Dental365 is now equipped in all offices with 3M True Definition digital intraoral scanners that capture a 3D video “impression” or model of your teeth. Our new scanners produce the highest-quality digital impressions of your teeth available. This impression is used to produce restorations like crowns, bridges, Invisalign, and implant restorations. What does this mean for you, the patient? No more goop – to put it simply! You will no longer have to wait for minutes (that seem like hours) for your mold to set. And the discomfort and gagging is long gone. Using digital impressions is safe, accurate, fast, and easy!

What to Expect

Your Dental365 dentist simply moves the scanner around the area being treated, capturing video of all sides of the teeth and gums. You can watch the 3D model of your teeth appear on the monitor in real time. When the scan is complete, you and your dentist can review, zoom in or out, and rotate the image to get a true picture of your oral anatomy, so you can ask questions and better understand what’s being done.

Call to Schedule Now

At Dental365, we take pride in always having the most advanced technology in dentistry available for our patients. If you’ve been putting off dental work because you don’t want to deal with the goop – wait no longer! Call Dental365 today to schedule your appointment at 844-365-DENTAL. Our friendly staff will be happy to see you and you’ll be enjoying an improved smile in no time!


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