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When You Should Bring Your Child to Their First Dentist

Pediatric Dentist

When should you bring your child to their first dentist?

At Dental365, our team is dedicated to helping children with improving their oral health. We offer dental services to help them maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for life, as well as education on caring for their teeth and gums. When working with our family dental team, which includes pediatric dental professionals, parents can learn about the ways to keep their child’s smile healthy, building a proper foundation for life!

When to see the dentist

Adults know to attend routine dental visits every six months for cleanings and evaluations. But is this Adults know they should attend routine dental visits every 6 months at the very least. But is this the same for kids? When should children start seeing the dentist? The family dental providers at Dental365 encourage parents to book their child for their first dental visit before their first birthday. At this point, children will have developed their baby teeth above the gum line. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has made this recommendation to ensure children start early in getting themselves acquainted with their dental team. Additionally, children will see their dentist every six months after that for cleanings and evaluations.

Why should children see their dentist?

A child should see the dentist to not only learn about ways to care for their smile, but to monitor development of the smile and concerns that may require early intervention. Our team will evaluate the teeth and soft tissue to ensure the children are maintaining proper nutrition to keep their smile healthy, including reducing sugars and acids that can cause cavity development early on. Developing smiles may come in incorrectly, requiring an evaluation to determine if orthodontic work may be needed in the future. These visits with the dentist are also a great time for parents to ask the dentists about brushing, flossing, and any concerns they have about the developing smile.

Are you ready for your child’s first dental appointment?

At Dental365, we are a family dental practice sees patients of all ages - from pediatrics and adolescents through adults, we are able to accommodate all family members. To schedule an appointment at any of our locations, call 1-844-365-DENTAL. We encourage new patients as well as existing patients to visit regularly to improve and maintain their oral health and wellness.


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