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Is It Safe to Go to the Dentist During COVID-19?

Whether for an elective, emergency, or general appointment it may be time for you to visit the dentist. But what about COVID-19?

On June 1st, New York state followed Connecticut in allowing dental offices to reopen. The CDC, ADA, OSHA and government officials have outlined protocols that must be followed in order to re-open and allow for a smooth and safe visit. Thankfully, that makes it safer than ever to visit the dentist.

Dental Office Health and Safety During COVID-19

Check the Dental Office Website

When booking an appointment, it is important to keep new policies and scheduling in mind. The best place to check would be your dental office’s website, their social media pages, or your email for any new information from the office. Reputable dental offices will communicate their latest updates to assure patients that they are following recommended protocols to keep their patients safe. This includes an overview of what new policies have been put into place, what the office is doing to keep patients and staff members safe, and information on any new protocols that they are asking patients to adhere to and more.

Find Out Their Safety Protocols

With the new health and safety measures in place, things will be a little different at your dentist’s office. Staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves and the patients. The waiting room and treatment rooms should be sanitized between patients. If you are in the waiting room there should be ample space for you to be 6 feet away from others. Some dental offices, like Dental365, will ask patients to wait in their car until they are ready to be seen to help minimize the number of people and time spent in the office.

Patients should also take certain precautions before or upon arrival to help keep everyone safe. This includes wearing a mask to your appointment up until the time you are instructed to remove it, thoroughly washing your hands upon arrival, rinsing with a peroxide solution that kills viruses and bacteria and having your temperature taken by staff members to ensure that patients are not ill during treatment.

Fill Out Your Paperwork

Whether you are visiting a new office or returning to your dentist, it is important that you complete all forms before your visit. At Dental365, patients can fill out any necessary paperwork online prior to their appointment by visiting their website. This will help you and the staff when it is time for your appointment, and will also shorten the time spent in the office.

Call the Office & Ask Questions

If you are still unsure about newly implemented protocols to help keep yourself safe during your dental visit, patients should feel comfortable calling the office with any specific questions or concerns.  At Dental365, our staff members would be happy to discuss any new policies, office updates, availability, and more! You can contact the office by phone, email, text message or their website.

Additional Steps to Keep Patients Safe

Some dental practices are going above and beyond CDC and OSHA hygiene & sterilization standards to provide patients with a safe experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, they are taking it a step further by installing air purification and filtration systems that help remove bacteria and viruses from the air. At Dental365, all offices are equipped with IQAir Health Pro Plus systems, which feature HyperHEPA filtration technology that removes microorganisms the size of COVID-19.

Your Dental Health and Safety Is Our Top Priority!

Dental365 wants all patients to feel safe and welcome while receiving the best dental care possible. Contact one of our locations at (844) 365-DENTAL for more information or to schedule an appointment. 


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