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Children’s Dental Health Month

Children’s Dental Health Month

What Is Children’s Dental Health Month?

In February, the American Dental Association, along with dentists across the country, celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month. The aim of celebrating all month long is to show parents, teachers, and caregivers the importance and benefits of good oral health in children.

Why We Celebrate

According to the CDC, 20% of children from 5 – 11 years old have at least one untreated decayed tooth. Dentists celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month to spread awareness to their patients. They teach how to prevent any problems from starting and how to maintain positive habits through life. This year, the Children’s Dental Health Month slogan is “Water: Nature’s Drink.”

Water: Nature’s Drink

Among other habits, it’s important to stay hydrated and drink more water. Not only will choosing water over other drinks cut down on sugar intake but water helps rinse out any sugar particles from your mouth. While not a substitute for brushing your teeth, water in between snacks and meals can help in preventing cavities. The best part? This tip isn’t just for children, but adults too!

Good Dental Habits for Your Child

In addition to drinking water, parents should consider these dental tips for their children.

  • Schedule regular check-ups: it’s best to see the dentist at least twice a year. Start bringing your child when their first tooth grows in, in order to establish a relationship with the dentist.
  • Choose healthy snacks: consider giving your child snacks rich in calcium and low in sugar. This will minimize the chances of tooth decay. If you’re looking to give them an occasional candy treat, we recommend chocolate over gummies. However, fruits and vegetables are best (with the exception of raisins which are sticky)!
  • Brush and Floss: you can start helping your child brush once their first tooth appears. Only a pea-sized amount of children’s toothpaste is needed. When their teeth start to touch you can introduce flossing.

For more information, check out our patient education library piece on pediatric dentistry.

Celebrate with Dental365!

You and your child can visit any of our Dental365 locations in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey to talk about oral health habits and get a cleaning. Contact us at (844) 365-DENTAL for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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