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Get The Most Of Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire

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The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year; however, that does not mean it is time to neglect your teeth or your insurance benefits! As the year end approaches, be sure to take advantage of any unused benefits such as your annual routine cleaning and x-rays or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds that do not rollover from year to year. At the end of the year the maximum will renew, and any benefits that are left over will expire.

How To Maximize Your Benefits

In order to get the most out of your dental benefits, be sure to familiarize yourself with your personal policy and what it offers. Your dentist’s office can work with you to establish a treatment plan to address the work you would like or need performed on your teeth. For example, scheduling your general dental cleanings will allow you to speak with your dentist about the current condition of your teeth and whether or not you are in need of additional treatment.

Why Should I Max Out My Benefits?

Aside from benefits expiring at the end of the year, you have likely already paid for services you are not taking advantage of! By maximizing your benefits, you can ensure that extra costs won’t be placed upon you next year. Instead, spacing out your treatment will allow you to lower the cost burden you may have to take on.

Advantages Of Utilizing Benefits Before They Expire

One of the great things about having to utilizing your benefits is that the treatment you receive can save you from conditions getting worse such as tooth decay or infections! Early detection and treatment is important to a healthy smile, and the deadline for your benefits can help you stay on top of keeping your smile clean.

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