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How To Properly Clean Your Invisalign® Retainer

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Just like your teeth, Invisalign retainers need to be cleaned as part of a daily regimen to prevent the accumulation of bacteria. The cleaning process for Invisalign trays is incredibly simple and can be handled with special cleaning agents or common household items that will ensure your Invisalign retainers remain clear and fresh. Keep reading to learn how to properly clean your Invisalign trays!

Do I Need To Clean Invisalign?

It is crucial that you create a daily routine that incorporates the cleaning or rinsing of your Invisalign retainers. Without regular cleaning, it is possible for bacteria and other harmful agents to accumulate. The buildup of bacteria on Invisalign aligners can be a cause of bad breath as well as making them appear discolored, which may reveal that you are wearing Invisalign. For most people, this will defeat some of the purpose of choosing clear aligners in the first place!

Even though you change out your Invisalign retainers every few weeks to continue the teeth straightening process, they will not remain clean for the entire lifetime of the retainer.

Invisalign Cleaning Products

If you are deeply concerned about properly cleaning your Invisalign trays, proprietary cleaning kits such as cleansing spray and foams made directly by Invisalign are available to purchase. Using these products while following the provided instructions will optimally clean your Invisalign trays.

Other retainer cleaning products including DentaSoak, Retainer Brite, or other similar products can also help to ensure your retainers stay as clean as possible. These products are made specifically to clean the discolored buildup that can appear on clear Invisalign trays. Regardless of the special cleaning product you choose, each will work to keep your Invisalign clean and clear for as long as they are needed.

Alternative Cleaning Methods

Using common household items, you can also properly clean your Invisalign trays to ensure your smile remains healthy! As part of your morning or evening routine, work in the process of scrubbing Invisalign retainers with a super-soft bristled toothbrush (or a denture brush which is also soft bristled) and anti-bacterial soap. Do not use toothpaste to clean Invisalign! Many toothpaste brands contain abrasive materials that are meant to help clean and polish the hard enamel of our teeth, not the softer material that Invisalign is made of. The abrasive materials in toothpaste will likely cause scratching or damage to your trays. When using the toothbrush, be sure to scrub any crevices and or tight spaces  where it is easier for bacteria to get trapped.

Alternatively, use a combination of lukewarm water and distilled vinegar and soak your Invisalign trays for approximately 20 minutes followed by thoroughly scrubbing with a super-soft toothbrush. Do not use warm or hot water as this can potentially warp the shape of the trays.

How Can I Keep My Trays Clean?

Invisalign retainers will need to be cleaned every day, however there are things you can do to keep them cleaner throughout the day. Always take out your trays before eating, and drink water before placing them back in to remove any loose food that may remain on your teeth. When they are taken out, be sure to place them in a protective case to keep them safe and free from any outside contaminants.

How Often Should I Clean Invisalign?

It is recommended that you clean your Invisalign retainers approximately once per day. Thankfully, cleaning your trays are easy to work into your daily routine. Soaking your Invisalign trays in distilled vinegar as mentioned above can be done while you take a shower, or during a meal.

What Shouldn’t Be Used To Clean Invisalign?

Toothpaste, denture cleaners, and mouthwash all should not be used to clean your Invisalign trays. These products can damage your Invisalign trays.

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