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Dr. Thomas Bishara

Dr. Thomas Bishara was born and raised in Plainfield, NJ.  He attended Rutgers College where he received his bachelors in biology and continued on to the University of Pennsylvania to complete his dental medicine degree.  Dr. Bishara completed his residency at JFK Medical in Edison and works closely with the Department of Sleep Medicine to provide non-CPAP oral appliance therapy for patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Bishara is excited to continue his dental sleep medicine training with Vivos Therapeutics.  In 2018 he received the Kleer Dental Influencer Award that gauges success based on social media footprint, positive patient ratings, overall media presence, and leadership and philanthropic efforts. Dr. Bishara has been practicing for nearly 35 years and resides in Union County with his wife and 2 grown children in surrounding towns.  When he isn’t practicing he loves photography, the great outdoors and being a first time grandfather.  He finds the most rewarding part of helping patients is overcoming their fears by building trust in his team and that every patient is in great hands and will be treated gently, respectfully and timely.




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