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Carpentieri Dental365

Dr. Joseph Carpentieri

Director of Clinical Education

Dental365 University was developed as a highly-focused educational initiative that provides our dentists with a continuum of knowledge, mentorship and professional development. The program includes a series of step-by-step clinical guidelines and educational modules that include advances in topics such as esthetics, implantology, and contemporary digital technologies.

Dental365 University also includes a ground-breaking concept called “Consultation Review Board.” This is a peer-reviewed dental group composed of other Dental365 specialists designed to provide our doctors and patients the unique opportunity to seek multiple opinions in a university-type atmosphere with the goal of achieving “Best-Care Outcomes.”

Dental365 University is a unique platform to allow each provider the ability to engage with his/her colleagues and peers to collaborate in a team-oriented atmosphere. This helps to improve care for patients and enrich our doctors to learn cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment and techniques without the need to travel or enroll in 3rd party courses.

Dental365 University will continue to grow and improve to fulfill the needs of our doctors and patients. The program is catered to each provider’s needs, and future modules can be created at the suggestion and guidance of our team doctors. Doctors at Dental365 have a voice in their future learning experience.


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