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Young blonde woman smiling and holding a heart

Periodontal Care May Lead To Faster Recovery After Heart Attacks

It has long been discussed about the potential links between gum disease and cardiovascular health. Although no research has definitively proven the relationship, researchers have regularly found that ...

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2023 wooden blocks

Use your dental benefits or lose them

It may seem like the end of the year is leagues away,  but we all know how quickly time can pass us by, so it is time to ...

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Teeth Whitening Myths

There is never a wrong time for a whiter smile to become a priority. Having a white smile can lead to noteworthy health benefits, from enhancing your appearance ...

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The Importance of Dental X-Rays

If you’ve ever experienced a serious injury that required a hospital visit, chances are that the first step was to receive an X-ray to identify any broken bones ...

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Woman smiling and holding a toothbrush about to brush her teeth

Is it okay to brush your teeth once per day?

Throughout our lives, we are always told to be sure to brush our teeth at least twice per day. But how important is it really to brush twice ...

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endodontist smiling in a dental office

What is an Endodontist? What Do They Do?

An endodontist is a specialized kind of dentist who has a focus on preserving or saving teeth. In other words, all endodontists are dentists—but not all dentists are ...

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Implants vs. Dentures: Which Is Right For Me

There is no reason to be embarrassed by missing teeth. In fact, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, 70% of adults from the ages of 35-to-44 ...

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Woman at work stressed

Can Stress Affect My Teeth?

Stress can come from a number of different sources—both physical and emotional. It is often talked about how stress can affect our physical and mental health, but too ...

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Woman chewing bubble gum blowing a bubble

Is Chewing Gum Bad For Your Teeth?

While chewing gum is often considered to be a flavorful treat, it has also been questioned for many years as to whether or not it is good for ...

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Woman Smiling outside on the beach

7 Tips from Dental Professionals for a Brighter Smile This Summer

Summer is here which means vacations, barbecues, time outdoors with friends, and plenty of pictures being taken where you will want to make sure you have a sparkling ...

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