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Dental365 Offers Complimentary Dental Services to Veterans

This weekend on Veteran’s Day, we celebrated our 7th year of providing our heroes with great dental work, for free! Across 5 of our locations, we provided complimentary dental services ranging from cleanings, X-rays, comprehensive examinations, and oral surgery 

Veterans often face challenges in accessing quality dental care. To be eligible for complete dental benefits from the Veteran’s Administration, they must either be fully disabled, former prisoners of war, or have developed a dental issue during service. Barriers like fear, financial constraints, and inadequate dental coverage can hinder veterans from receiving necessary dental treatment. 

Founder and CEO of Dental365, Dr. Scott Asnis, speaks about the initiative: "Our veterans' sacrifices have shaped America. This complimentary day of dentistry is our gesture of gratitude." 

Dental365 is proud of the collective efforts of our doctors and staff who came together to support this great event. 

Thank you all who served! 


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