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Denture Repair In long Island and NYC

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Can I get my teeth pulled and dentures in the same day?

Same-day dentures are one of several options for people needing complete tooth replacement. The claimed benefit of same-day tooth replacement is that new teeth are in which support the lips and cheek as well as providing a temporary aesthetic solution. This treatment does take several visits. Some take place before dentures are seated and some are scheduled after dentures have been situated. The initial visits for same-day dentures involve measurements and impressions to prepare the denture that will be placed over the area where teeth are extracted. The secondary visits involve adjusting the denture as the gums and bone heal. Because the arch changes shape over time, a final denture is not typically seated until several months after the same-day denture appointment.

How long does it take to repair a broken denture?

Denture repair often requires patients to send their devices to a dental lab. Here, technicians have the special denture adhesives, acrylics, and professional-grade artificial teeth to repair the various aspects of dentures as needed. Lab technicians have special training that enables them to make custom impressions and detailed repairs as quickly as possible.

Can dental partials be repaired?

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Partial dentures may crack or break due to wear and tear, being dropped, or other factors. Sometimes it is the metal clasps on a partial denture that need to be repaired. In most cases, the device can be promptly repaired rather than being replaced.

What to do after getting immediate dentures?

Patients who undergo immediate denture treatment can expect to receive detailed post-op instructions to facilitate healing of the gums. Patients will receive detailed post operation instructions following surgery.

How long does it take for gums to heal after teeth are pulled?

Every patient is different and pre-existing medical conditions can influence their ability to heal or tolerate post-operative discomfort; however, the gums heal relatively quickly after tooth extraction, even when multiple teeth are removed. Swelling is to be expected. The jaw may feel somewhat stiff for a few days. In some cases, mild swelling can be noticed on the face. Cold compresses can help with this.

How long will new dentures hurt?

dentures long islandDentures are made from a mold, or model, of the mouth. As accurate as this model may be, it does not account for the way bone and soft tissue will remodel itself through the healing process. Once a denture is seated, one may quickly learn where their gums cannot tolerate pressure. Sore spots will develop over a 1 to 2 week period after new dentures are seated but they may continue to appear for a longer period. The discomfort of new dentures is normal and expected. It indicates where adjustments need to be made so the denture fits as well as it can. Patients are encouraged to contact their dentist if soreness lingers or blisters develop on the gums.

Can you sleep with dentures in your mouth?

It is possible to sleep with dentures in the mouth, though this is not recommended. Whether a full or partial denture, the device places pressure on the gums and the bone of the jaw during the day. Removing dentures at night allows the mouth to rest and relax. Additionally, dentures are not intended for 24-hour-a-day wear. They need to be removed daily and cleaned well. The gums also need to be gently brushed so bacteria do not accumulate.

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