Case 1

Patient presented with genetically small teeth. We were able to build up her smile utilizing periodontal crown lengthening and porcelain veneers to create a beautiful, life-changing, full smile.

Case 2

Patient was grinding his teeth which created unnatural wear. We rebuilt his bite to accommodate his clenching and grinding habit. He now has a wonderful, healthy smile with his teeth that were rebuilt to the proper occlusion.

Case 3

Patient presented with very short teeth due to a lifetime of grinding. He showed very little tooth structure that made him look much older than he was. We rebuilt his bite utilizing porcelain crowns to lengthen and strengthen his teeth. We were able to completely change his smile in one month’s time.

Case 4

Patient presented with very worn and broken down teeth with very little display of tooth structure when smiling. We were able to build up a beautiful, healthy bite utilizing porcelain crowns.

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