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Snore Care Program

Snore Care Program

It is likely that you have known about your snoring for quite some time. It may have been a loved one’s complaint, an elbow to your ribs or just feeling unrefreshed upon awakening. But did you know that snoring is a sign of something much more?

  • Snoring is often a sign of a serious sleep disorder, including obstructive sleep apnea even in children, teenagers and young adults
  • Research shows that non-problematic snoring in your 20s and 30s can cause injury to your airway over time, leading to obstructive sleep apnea
  • Snoring can disrupt your bed partners sleep triggering medical problems caused by sleep deficiency
  • Snoring often prompts couples to sleep in separate rooms, which has been identified as one of several key factors that increases the risk of divorce or unmarried couples breaking up
  • Breathing struggles during sleep which are often identified by the presence of snoring, may be responsible for a person’s inability to lose weight or keep their anxiety/depression under control

Many people who snore continue to go without treatment simply because they feel the options to control their snoring do not fit into their lives. Dental365Sleep has changed this with our custom Snore Care Program and now is a better time than ever to eliminate snoring for both you and your loved one for good. This program is so easy, there is no need to visit a Medical Doctor, no need for a sleep study and no need to submit for insurance. Everything is handled at Dental365Sleep and you will get the care you need to improve your airway health and eliminate snoring.

About the Dental365Sleep Snore Care Program

The Dental365Sleep Snore Care Program is not just a device you wear while you sleep. It is a program that is accessible in all of our Dental365 office locations.

  • All patients interested in the Dental365Sleep Snore Care Program will start with a free consultation
  • Our dentists will perform a complete evaluation and determine if you are a candidate for a snore guard
  • Our dentists will fit you for a custom mouthpiece to ensure a comfortable fit while you sleep
  • Your custom mouthguard will be ready in 3 weeks
  • You will have regular follow-ups with your doctor and our team of snoring experts to ensure compliance and success.

So what are you waiting for?

Make an appointment at one of our offices and let our Dental365Sleep Snore Care Program improve your airway health and lead to snore-free, well-rested nights of sleep for you and your loved ones.


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