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How Do I Get Rid of My Bad Breath?

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Chronic bad breath can be embarrassing and unpleasant. Also known as halitosis, bad breath can be simple to solve, or it could be a sign of another condition.

How Do I Permanently Get Rid of Chronic Bad Breath?

Most cases of bad breath can be improved through simple and regular oral hygiene:

Brushing: Brush at least two times a day, preferably after each meal.
Rinsing: Rinse your mouth out two times a day with a mouthwash that kills bacteria. Rinse with plain water after meals to remove food particles.
Flossing: Brushing cleans only about 60% of tooth surfaces. Flossing helps cover those missed areas by eliminating food particle build-up and plaque from between teeth.
Cleaning the Tongue: Food particles, bacteria, and dead cells can build up on your tongue. Brush your tongue with your toothbrush or use a tongue scraper.

Good oral hygiene helps improve your breath and also helps to prevent cavities and lowers your risk of gum disease. It’s important to see your dentist twice a year to have your teeth or dentures examined and cleaned.

Can You Get Rid of Bad Breath from Your Stomach?

If your bad breath is coming from your stomach, you can improve your condition by making dietary changes. Avoid foods such as garlic and onions that can sour your breath. Also, cut down on sugary foods, which have also been known to cause bad breath.

What Causes Bad Breath Even After Brushing?

Dental issues are the most common cause of bad breath but can be ruled out by your Dental365 dentist. If dental issues are not the cause, bad breath may be a sign of another condition, such as:

Bronchiectasis: With this condition, the airways are wider than normal, and the resulting mucus build-up can lead to bad breath.

Ketoacidosis: People with diabetes who experience very low insulin levels can develop ketoacidosis, which is a serious medical condition. When their bodies can't use sugar, they begin to use fat, which causes a build-up of ketones. In high numbers, ketones can create an unpleasant and distinctive breath odor.

Acid Reflux: Acid comes back up the esophagus from undigested food or stomach bile which causes tooth erosion leading to bad breath.

Can Bad Breath Be Cured Permanently?

Bad breath can be cured permanently depending on the cause(s). Be sure to keep up with good oral hygiene habits. Drink plenty of water. Dietary changes can help improve your breath odor. If your bad breath doesn’t go away after you make these changes, see your dentist. If your dentist thinks it’s a more serious condition causing your bad breath, your dentist will refer you to a physician to determine the cause of the odor.

What Natural Remedies Are There for Bad Breath?

Warm Salt Water Rinse: A simple way you can help control your bad breath at home is a warm salt water rinse. Salt water helps prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth or throat.

Cinnamon Chewing Sticks: Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties, which can help fight against bacteria.

Can Sinus Issues Cause Bad Breath?

If you have a sinus issue, it can cause bad breath. As air passes through your sinuses, mucus build-up in the sinuses can cause your breath to have an unpleasant odor.

If you have chronic bad breath and have not found treatment, make an appointment today in one of our many convenient New York area offices. We have convenient office hours, including nights and weekends, and we welcome walk-ins.


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