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Practice Transitions

Dental365 is a group of dental practices owned and led by dentists. By joining our practice, we offer unique, flexible support and affiliation solutions regardless of what stage your dental practice is in.

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Thinking about selling your practice?

We recognize the financial and emotional considerations of practice owners.

  • Monetize Your Practice

    Receive full value for your practice’s equity today, leverage our resources to grow, and continue to earn income and incentives in the future.

  • Protect Your Legacy

    Keep your current practice identity and team intact and maintain the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

Real Benefits

We empower our doctors to focus on what they do best, practicing dentistry.

  • Practice Management

    Access business resources, including marketing support, insurance negotiations, financial management, HR/Recruitment, IT Support and more – we take care of it all.

  • Continuing Education

    Continuing education courses help you and your staff stay current on the latest in dentistry. Dental365 University is a unique concept built exclusively for Dental365 doctors.

  • Office Maintenance

    Resources to keep your office updated and provide a best-in-class comfortable patient experience. Dental365 serves its patients in state-of-the-art, beautiful environments where comfort is a top priority.

We make the
process easy

From initial introductions to practice valuation, the offer and onboarding your team, we work with you to make the transition process simple and rewarding.

  1. Introduction We are happy to share our views and approach to practice transitions. Also, we understand that the transition of a practice does not necessitate the final chapter in your career, but a richer one.
  2. Valuation/Offer/LOI We recognize the importance of offering a value that represents your years of professional commitment. The offer will be in the form of a Letter of Intent — thoroughly outlining timelines, employment terms moving forward, and other significant details.
  3. Practice Onboarding We will work with your office to ensure a seamless, step-by-step onboarding process so your practice can continue to treat patients with no disruption as you begin your partnership with Dental365.

Success Stories

We take great pride in all the reputable dentists that have joined the Dental365 Family.

Frederick A. Seltzer, DDS, F.A.G.D

“After being in solo practice for over 40 years I wasn’t ready for retirement. But the day to day management of my practice was taking a toll on me. I searched for a new dental concept that would be of the highest quality in both care and patient experience. In Dental365 I found it, 21st-century quality dentistry with old fashion patient care values. Merging with Dental365 has allowed me to do what I love most, treating patients! Dental365’s management team is unquestionably the gold standard. An additional bonus here at Dental365 is working with the highest caliber of specialists. Other than my decision to become a dentist, merging with Dental365 was my best professional decision.”

— Frederick A. Seltzer, DDS, F.A.G.D

Kathryn Wilson, DMD

“With Dental Medicine advancing everyday, Dental365 has been the perfect place to continue to sharpen my skills by the continual training and resources afforded by our CE and training systems! The operational team sets up an environment where my sole focus can be about patient care and the treatments we offer them in the most comfortable setting possible. ”

— Kathryn Wilson, DMD

Ira M.Bernstein, DMD, FAGD

“I have been practicing general dentistry for over 35 years and have always enjoyed the clinical aspects of dentistry as well as the personal interactions with my patients. However, I have found that the administrative tasks required to maintain a dental practice have been steadily increasing, becoming more complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. The resultant stress and impact on my lifestyle had become much greater than I had ever envisioned for this stage of my career.

Dental365 has provided me with a strong, supportive management team and liberated me from these administrative burdens.

The leadership of Dental365 is made up of practicing dentists who place a strong emphasis on high-quality dentistry. I have been able to maintain my style of clinical practice, except where it has become better, with resources such as communication with colleagues within the group, and regular CE.

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to have become part of Dental365. I enjoy being a dentist and that is who I am, once again.”

— Ira M.Bernstein, DMD, FAGD

Eric B. Fisher, DDS

“My experience with Dental365 is one of the best decisions I have made in my professional life. Many times the company has been misrepresented with the stigma of corporate dentistry rather than the well managed group of private practices it is comprised of. I have been in solo practice for 35 years, varying all the responsibilities associated with operating a quality restorative practice providing a full array of services to my patients. I was involved in all aspects of the business, insurance, collections, compliance, continuing education, staff management, and the list goes on. The staff at 365 has been so supportive, their management protocol so efficient and supportive and for the first time in my life, I have partners that have allowed me at this stage in my career to have more time for myself and still earn a very comfortable income. I thank all the principals for the support and consideration they provide me in the continued success of my practice in the field of dentistry. Thanks again to all too many to name although I would love to thank each and every one.”

— Eric B. Fisher, DDS

Edward Flatow, DDS

“After 30 years of private practice, I decided to join Dental365. I’m very happy with my decision. I am a member of a team of talented professionals that offer you unlimited support. I am able to do quality dentistry and make a great income. Now I can focus more on enjoying life, while still practicing the career I enjoy.”

— Edward Flatow, DDS

Michael Lazar, DDS

“After 35 years in my practice of dentistry, I felt it was time to sell my practice and retire. I wasn’t looking forward to reequipping my office with up-to-date technology and working the same long hours I had been. Good fortune smiled on me as I was introduced to representatives of Dental365. They offered me an opportunity to join their practice, move into a new state of the art facility, and even bring my staff along. The vast majority of my patients also transitioned to Dental365. I practiced for an additional 2 years at fewer hours. I feel fortunate to have been able to end my professional career as part of such a professional, caring and ethical organization”

— Michael Lazar, DDS

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