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What To Look For In Dental Benefits

Dental benefits can be one of the most important pieces of health benefits that you can have. Especially considering the increasing number of studies showing that dental health can directly correlate to your heart health! So, what are the important aspects to look for in any type of dental plan?

Included Services

The most important thing about any dental benefits package is to understand what is included. Every dental benefits program should include regular dental checkups and cleanings at least twice per year as well as X-rays which are generally taken once per year. Unlike dental insurance, a dental membership plan will include savings on more intensive procedures such as root canals, dental extractions, crowns, fillings and other restorative or surgical procedures.

Access To Specialists

The best dental benefits plans also offer access to a wide variety of specialists that accept your benefits package. Having access to expert care provided by specialists including dental hygienists, surgeons, endodontists, and more go a long way in oral care as it provides to you a wide-ranging care system that allows you to see the right type of doctor when you need it.

No Annual Limit

Finally, when looking for a dental plan, some may have benefits that include a limit on how much can be used within a calendar year. If you are planning for major dental work, you can get caught off guard when only a portion of the procedures are covered because you hit an annual cap. Since this is not insurance, there is no limits on use.

PremierOne Dental Benefits Can Help

Dental365 is happy to share that it is participating in the PremierOne dental plan, a wide-ranging benefits package that includes all of these benefits and more.

With the PremierOne dental plan, participants gain benefits such as, automatic acceptance, no waiting period for crowns/implants or any other dental procedures, a network of private general dentists and specialists, and no limits on the usage of your benefits!

The PremierOne in-office dental plan allows you to save as much as 50% on certain procedures and your benefits are ready to be used immediately meaning you do not have to put off any dental work you may need to ensure that problems do not progress.

Utilizing the benefits for PremierOne is as simple as signing up, finding a participating location, and scheduling your appointment. It requires no extra work for you and allows you to take full advantage of the savings right away!

To learn more about PremierOne visit their website where you can see our wide-ranging list of included benefits and participating locations.


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