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Dental365 is excited to introduce a new concept for our patients called Dental365Health. As the largest dental health care provider in the New York Metropolitan area, we are extremely privileged and honored to take care of so many valued patients, but the question always remains, how can we do better?

The vision of Dental365Health is to act as a source of valid patient-related dental and medical information that you might find helpful. It is a direct communication to you – the patient. This means we “empower patients” with pertinent information so that you can be more involved in the decision-making process for factors that determine your personal overall health. Be sure to check back regularly for the most up to date information on how you can keep your dental, and overall health in check.

Kids Smiling for dental Health Month

7 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited To Brush Their Teeth

Every February we celebrate national children’s dental health month to bring together health care professionals to celebrate the awareness and benefits of promoting strong dental health habits among ...

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Young girl with a bright white smile holding balloons for the 2023 new year

Start The Year Right With A Brighter Smile

There is no better time than the start of the new year to get on top of new goals and resolutions. And why not set a resolution for ...

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Patient receiving dental fillings in the office

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Each Dental Filling Material

Dental fillings are used in order to fill in cavities in order to protect and preserve a tooth’s health from future damage or decay. When it comes to ...

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Smiling woman with a healthy gumline sitting outside

Can Receding Gums Be Reversed?

Preventative care is one of the most important measures that we can take in order to maintain our healthy teeth and a white smile. Without brushing, flossing, or ...

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Smiling family outside together

What To Look For In Dental Benefits

Dental benefits can be one of the most important pieces of health benefits that you can have. Especially considering the increasing number of studies showing that dental health ...

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New dental implants for older female patient in the dentists office

How to Care For Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent way to improve and brighten your smile and help you regain confidence or self-esteem. But it is important to make sure that your ...

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Young blonde woman smiling and holding a heart

Periodontal Care May Lead To Faster Recovery After Heart Attacks

It has long been discussed about the potential links between gum disease and cardiovascular health. Although no research has definitively proven the relationship, researchers have regularly found that ...

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2023 wooden blocks

Use your dental benefits or lose them

It may seem like the end of the year is leagues away,  but we all know how quickly time can pass us by, so it is time to ...

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Teeth Whitening Myths

There is never a wrong time for a whiter smile to become a priority. Having a white smile can lead to noteworthy health benefits, from enhancing your appearance ...

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The Importance of Dental X-Rays

If you’ve ever experienced a serious injury that required a hospital visit, chances are that the first step was to receive an X-ray to identify any broken bones ...

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