Dental365 University Hosts a Day of Continuing Education

New York, NY – Dental365 University hosted a day of continuing education for all Dental365 dentists and specialists in Manhattan on July 31st. The company, which celebrates their 5th year of operation this month is dedicated to providing their dentists with ongoing education as the field of dentistry continues to evolve. Joining Dental365 University this year, was Paul Homoly, DDS, CSP, a world-class leader in dental education. Dr. Homoly is a restorative dentist and acclaimed educator for over thirty years and is known for his innovative and practical approach to dentistry.

All attendees enjoyed presentation and dialogue on the latest topics in dentistry at The Convene located at 4 Times Square. Dr. Homoly presented and engaged doctors in fruitful discussion at the full-day seminar touching on the following topics:

  • Diagnosing and treatment planning not just the inside of the mouth, but more importantly, how and where we can fit treatment into the lives of patients
  • Creating a more comfortable care environment through patients with compassion and understanding
  • Developing and maintaining patient relationships
  • Being a patient advocate and leading them to best care outcomes.

“We look forward to this event every year. It was another exciting day for Dental365 University, allowing our doctors the unique opportunity to get together for a full-day discussion on changes in dentistry and providing patients with the best possible dental care.” comments Dr. Scott Asnis, Founder and CEO of Dental365.

Dental365 University was developed as a highly-focused educational initiative that provides our dentists with a continuum of knowledge, mentorship and professional development. It is a unique platform to allow each provider the ability to engage with his/her colleagues and peers to collaborate in a team-oriented atmosphere. This helps improve care for patients and enrich our doctors to learn cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment and techniques without the need to travel or enroll in 3rd party courses. Dental365 University continues to grow and improve to fulfill the needs of our doctors and patients. The program is catered to each provider’s needs, and future modules are created at the suggestion and guidance of our team doctors. Doctors at Dental365 have a voice in their future learning experience.