Dental365’s CEO Speaks to Group Dentistry Now about One of the Most Influential Senses: Scent

New Hyde Park, NY – Dr. Scott Asnis, founder and CEO of Dental365 was recently interviewed for an article to be published in Group Dentistry Now. The article discusses how Dental365 incorporates a custom scent in their offices as an element to maximize the patient experience and how the use of scent has had a positive impact on the growth of their dental practice.

In the article, Dr. Asnis shares how patient experience starts with the scent as soon as patients arrive at their dental offices. Using the same science as brands like Apple and Mercedes, Dental365 has found they can use scent to develop positive emotions and embed their incredible patient experience to memory. Unlike other DSO’s, they understand that scent is our most influential sense and that it translates directly to our emotional brain. Adding a specific scent to the office has shown to increase one’s perception of quality, safety, and luxury.

Dental365, partnered with Daniel Zimmon and his company, NatScent to create a scent that is welcoming and calming to patients. Dr. Asnis’s goal in the scent design was “a calm, feel-good aroma that evokes cleanliness and safety. Not sweet or spa-like, but something welcoming and calming.” When it comes to the exclusive scent at Dental365 offices, the DSO receives several compliments per day per practice. The custom fragrance in all of their locations is an important factor in Dental365’s excellent patient experience because it creates a powerful memory of the thorough, gentle care provided at Dental365.

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