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Dental365Sleep Launches Snore Care Program

New Hyde Park, NY – Dental365Sleep, the team of expert sleep dentists in the New York Metropolitan Area, now offers solutions to treat patients who snore, with the Dental365Sleep Snore Care Program, available at all Dental365 locations. The Snore Care Program includes a complimentary consultation with one of our sleep experts where they will receive a complete oral evaluation and our expert dentists will determine if they are a candidate for a snore guard.  If the patient is a candidate, they will be fitted for a custom snore guard (mouthpiece) to wear while they sleep to ensure a comfortable fit throughout the night.

Within 3 weeks, patients will receive their snore guard and be on the road to a snore-free night.  In addition, unlike with other providers and over the counter snore guards, Dental365Sleep Snore Care Program patients will be seen regularly to ensure success.

Dental365’s doctors have undergone specific training for snoring and sleep apnea and keep up-to-date on the latest advancements in snoring and sleep apnea treatment. They are committed to ensuring both patients and their bed partners are getting more restful nights’ sleep. 

Be sure to listen and watch for the Dental365Sleep radio spot and social ads that bring awareness to the frustrations of having a partner who snores!

The doctors at Dental365Sleep are the experts in treating patients who snore and/or have sleep apnea in the New York Metropolitan Area.  Call today at 844-831-6100 or visit Dental365Sleep.com to see if you are a candidate for treatment for snoring or sleep apnea and get on the road to a more restful night’s sleep.