Dentist Thrives Providing Care 365 Days of the Year

Money Digest logo-minIn 2014, Scott Asnis, D.D.S., founded Dental365, an innovative dental practice with more than a dozen sites across the New York City area. And the growth continues, as both patients and doctors enjoy the benefits of exceptional dental care that can accommodate today’s busy lifestyles.

It was three years ago while treating a physician friend that the idea for Dental365 took root. The patient, an emergency room physician who was responsible for several urgent care startups, asked Asnis if there was any way he could take his type of evidence-based dentistry and make it more convenient and affordable.

Asnis pondered that possibility for a long time. Then he made the move.

“I saw that dentistry was changing,” he says. “And I decided to take what I’ve been doing all these years, make it more affordable and convenient, and make it available when patients want us to be open. And, to have enough really high end specialists so that our patients do not have to go to other offices.”

And yes, Dental365, which now has multiple sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island, is really open 365 days of the year.

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