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Scott Asnis, DDS Speaks to WebMD – Sore Jaws, Cracked Teeth, COVID Collateral Damage

New Hyde Park, NY – In response to how COVID-19 has affected dentistry, the latest article from WebMD stated, “A combination of delayed care and stress have led some dentists to see cracked teeth, sore jaws, and cavities.”

The largest dental practice in the New York Metropolitan Area & CT, Dental365 was opened for emergency dentistry throughout the pandemic and saw over 50,000 emergency patients since March. According to Dr. Scott Asnis, Founder and CEO of Dental365, the most common problems patients came in for included, “cracked teeth, extensive decay, the start of gum disease, and TMJ pain, from grinding…” Asnis also informed WebMD that the stress of COVID-19 and grinding teeth were not (and are not) the only reasons for cracked teeth. “Cavities can weaken the enamel and cause it.” Teeth can also crack if the bite is off or a filling is too big.

WebMD also discusses the American Dental Association (ADA) and CDC protocols that were put in place for dentists to follow throughout the pandemic. Dr. Asnis closes, by letting WebMD readers know, “It’s OK to ask your dentist if they follow ADA and CDC protocols.” Patients should feel comfortable asking their dental providers the questions that help them feel safe returning to the office.

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