Broken Teeth

Repair and restore your smile

Broken teeth can be serious and typically require emergency care. Our oral surgeons are here to help determine the best options for your situation.

What you need to know about Broken Teeth

What is broken tooth or chipped tooth repair?

Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth can be incredibly painful and could also cause other damage to the mouth when left without treatment. When a person suffers from a chipped front tooth, it is much more noticeable than a small chip to a back tooth. These may be difficult to notice and could go overlooked for some time. If this happens, damage could occur in the gums, tongue, lips, or cheeks.

What causes broken or chipped teeth?

There are several causes of chipped and broken teeth, including:

  • Eating something hard
  • Sports injuries
  • Trauma from an accident
  • Cavities that are not treated
  • Older fillings causing tooth structural problems

There are other potential risk factors as well:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Tooth decay
  • Eating acidic foods

If any of these apply to you, speak to a Dental365 dentist.

Is a broken tooth an emergency?

Your broken tooth may be considered a dental emergency, so speak with one of our Dental365 staff members if you suspect a broken tooth. During a personal, one-on-one consultation with a broken tooth surgeon, our dentists can determine the best options for your unique situation.

How are broken teeth repaired?

One of the following procedures to repair a broken or cracked tooth may be right for you:

Dental bonding for chipped teeth

Dental bonding is one treatment option that may be more affordable than dental veneers. During dental bonding, one of our skilled dentists uses color-matched composite resin to cover up any cracks, breaks, or cosmetic imperfections on your tooth.

This kind of dental surgery is only a good option if your tooth crack or tooth fracture is relatively small and doesn’t require extensive cosmetic changes.

Dental crowns for a broken tooth

A dental crown may also be a good option if your broken tooth needs to be blended in with the rest of your smile in a permanent fashion. Dental crowns are custom-fit to your unique teeth and can fill gaps in the tooth due to cracking, breaking, or gapping.

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