Clear and Ceramic Braces

Discreetly straighten your smile

Unlike metal braces, clear and ceramic braces can blend with your teeth, allowing them to seamlessly fit with your smile.

What you need to know about Clear and Ceramic Braces

What is the advantage of clear braces?

The most noticeable advantage with clear braces or aligners is their appearance. Clear braces are more discreet. The wires can blend in with your teeth, allowing your braces to seamlessly ‘fit’ with your smile.

How do kids typically react to clear braces?

Because they know people are focusing on their beautiful smile (not on their braces), teenagers who wear clear braces report feeling less self-conscious, and may actually have more self-confidence.

How do clear braces compare to traditional metal braces?

Clear braces are also often considered to be more discrete than traditional metal braces.

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