Dental CT Scan

More than a regular X-Ray

A dental CT scan's three-dimensional image gives your doctor a usable blueprint of your oral and maxillofacialstructure.

What you need to know about Dental CT Scan

Benefits of a dental CT scan

The dental CT’s cone beam zones in on a specific spot, allowing dentists to examine an area as small as a single tooth’s root. Its 3D capabilities also mean that the dentist can view what’s going on in your mouth from different angles for better diagnosis and a complete evaluation.

How long does a dental CT scan take?

Dental CT scans typically take between 20 and 40 seconds for a complete volume, also called a full mouth x-ray, in which the entire mouth and dental structures are imaged. It typically take less than 10 seconds for a regional scan that focuses on a specific area of the maxilla or mandible.

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