Digital Scanning

Creating digital dental impressions

A handheld intraoral scanner creates high-quality digital impressions of the oral cavity, providing accurate details of the hard and soft tissue.

What you need to know about Digital Scanning

What are the benefits of a digital scan?

Digital dental impressions provide a much cleaner and easier method of taking impressions. Resulting data is then converted into a digital file which is used to create a permanent model. A digital impression scanner is much faster than taking multiple conventional impressions.

Are digital dental impressions accurate?

Yes. One of the benefits of digital dental impressions is that they’re very detailed and accurate, which means your treatment can be fine-tuned for each tooth. Traditional putty impressions are subject to defects created by the putty material, the trays, or something as simple as a slight movement while the impression is being made. They’re also subject to human error when the impressions are trimmed or put together.

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