Habit Breakers

Helping break bad oral habits

These appliances can help stop common habits like thumb sucking, lip sucking and biting, nail-biting, bruxism, mouth breathing and tongue thrusting

What you need to know about Habit Breakers

What is a habit breaking appliance?

There are a few different types of habit-breaking appliances, including removable habit-breaking appliances and fixed ones.

Depending on the type of appliance, they either act as a barrier, completely preventing the action, or, in other cases, they don’t allow the thumb or the tongue to make contact behind the upper front teeth, which takes away the enjoyment and serves as a reminder for them.

Are habit breaking appliances painful?

Habit-breaking appliances aren’t painful but it is normal for kids to have some tongue soreness and speech difficulties at first. Once their tongue gets used to having to share space with the appliance, the discomfort will disappear and speech will return to normal.

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