Tongue Tie Therapy

Allow your child's tongue to move freely

If your baby’s tongue movement is restricted by an overly short or thick frenulum, tongue tie therapy (also known as ankyloglossia surgery) can help.

What you need to know about Tongue Tie Therapy

Does cutting a tongue-tie hurt?

Fortunately, the frenulum doesn’t have a lot of nerves and blood vessels, so the surgery won’t normally cause much pain or a lot of bleeding.

What does ankyloglossia surgery entail?

While ankyloglossia surgery is usually a fairly simple procedure, parents or caregivers have to physically stretch the tissue that’s been cut or lasered every day for at least three to four weeks afterward. This prevents the tissue from regrowing too tightly during the healing process.

Can you fix a tongue-tie naturally?

The answer is no. The only way to get rid of or release a tongue-tie is with surgical treatment. Discovering your child has a tongue tie could be discouraging. However, successful treatment is available that is simple, effective, and quick.

Is it OK not to treat tongue-tie?

Untreated tongue-tie may not cause any problems as a child gets older, and any tightness may resolve naturally as the mouth develops. However, tongue-tie can sometimes cause problems such as speech difficulties and difficulty eating certain foods.

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