A new smile in as little as one day

TrueTeeth is the same-day dental implant procedure that can providepatients with a brand new smile sooner than ever before.

What you need to know about TrueTeeth

What are the benefits to TrueTeeth?

There are several benefits, including:

Traditional implant dentistry to replace individual teeth can be very costly. With our protocol there is no need for multiple surgical procedures therefore the cost of TRUE TEETH can be significantly lower than traditional implants.

Speed and Convenience
The TrueTeeth protocols keep patients from needing to undergo multiple surgical procedures for their desired outcome. We work directly with the highest quality dental labs to have patient’s teeth prepared to be placed the same day. This treatment method keeps patients from being embarrassed by missing teeth or the need to wear dentures.

Superior Quality
TrueTeeth dental implants and bridges are made only using advanced technology and the highest quality materials. If well-taken care of, the materials used to create your dream smile can last a life-time.

Permanent Solution
Not only will your new teeth look and feel natural, but they will be a permanent solution. These anchored dental implants are the best-in-class option for missing or damaged teeth. When well-taken care of, they will not chip, crack or stain.

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