Can I bring someone with me for support?

Yes. We recommend you bring a family member or friend. They’ll help you feel more at ease before and after the procedure. Plus, you can show them your new smile!

Do you offer financing options or payment plans?

Thanks to precise technology and our all-inclusive surgical centers, the cost of TRUE TEETH is much less than some alternative options. However, many patients still need financing to help pay for the procedure. That’s why we work closely with third-party healthcare financing companies, like LendingClub® and CareCredit®, that provide payment plans for qualified patients. At your consultation, our treatment coordinators can help you plan strategies that fit your budget. Together, we’ll explore the options available.

How long is the recovery period?

As you can imagine, this differs for every patient. Many patients report that they experienced less pain than they expected, and some do not even need pain medication after the procedure. You will be on a soft food diet to allow your implants to heal. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods again.

How long does the actual procedure take? Is it really all done in one day?

Yes, most patients walk into the office and leave later that day with a new smile. Here’s a basic idea of what happens during your procedure: Your doctors will administer anesthesia, perform the implant procedure, and then attach a brand new set of teeth to your new dental implants. Afterward, you will rest in our recovery room, where you will be discharged and sent home. The teeth you leave with are your temporary teeth that allow you to eat and enjoy your everyday life. Four to six months later, you’ll return to your dentist to replace your temporary teeth with your new, permanent teeth.